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Gardening Inspiration to Cultivate Green Thumbs

  • Camellia's Secret: Multiple Teas from a Single Species

    Camellia's Secret: Multiple Teas from a Single Species

    Discover the fascinating origins of your favourite teas! Learn how all teas — green, oolong, black, chai, and matcha — come from the versatile Camellia sinensis species. Explore its history,...

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  • Jasmine Tea

    Growing Your Own Tea

    Grow your own herbal teas! Discover easy-to-grow annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees that make perfect tea ingredients. From calming Chamomile to fragrant Jasmine, each plant offers unique flavours and benefits....

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  • Deer

    Replanting the Deer Buffet

    Have you inadvertently opened an all-you-can-eat deer buffet in your garden? Read Mike's article to discover signs of deer invasion in your garden and learn about deer-resistant shrubs and perennials...

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  • Planting for Drier Summers

    Planting for Drier Summers

    Prepare your garden for a drier summer with our guide to drought-tolerant plants. We've got your water-saving garden covered!

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  • Self-Fertile Fruits & Berries

    Self-Fertile Fruits & Berries

    Unlock the secrets of fruit tree pollination! Discover self-fertile varieties for bountiful harvests and space-saving gardens. Learn about perfect flowers and cross-pollination benefits. Dive into our comprehensive guide today!

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  • Award-Winning Fragrant Roses

    Award-Winning Fragrant Roses

    Discover a dozen fragrant rose cultivars to enhance your garden! From the timeless 'Fragrant Cloud' to the charming 'Scentimental,' these award-winning roses offer captivating scents and stunning blooms. Find your...

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  • Deutzia 'Yuki Cherry Blossom'

    Lesser-Known Shrubs Made Better

    Looking for compact, resilient shrubs for your modern urban yard? Discover reinvented shrub varieties that boast extended bloom seasons and improved disease resistance for a vibrant, low-maintenance landscape in Mike's...

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  • Mushrooms

    10 Reasons to Grow Edible Mushrooms

    Experience the joy of growing unique mushroom varieties indoors all year round. Choose from Pink Oyster, Black Oyster, Chestnut, Lion's Mane, and more. Organic, foolproof, and perfect for culinary delights....

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  • Kniphofia 'Papaya Popsicle' Plant

    The Great Perennial Preview

    Discover a curated collection of perennials designed to attract pollinators, resist deer and drought, and provide stunning flowers and foliage for vibrant contrast in Mike Lascelle's latest blog post.

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  • Hydrangea 'Tuff Stuff Red' by Proven Winners

    The Future of Gardening Is Hydrangeas

    Navigate the garden roller coaster with resilient hydrangeas! Embrace the unpredictable weather with cold-hardy beauties and compact stunners. Explore reblooming marvels and showpieces with unique blooms. And discover compact hydrangeas...

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  • A Clematis for Every Garden

    A Clematis for Every Garden

    How do you select the right clematis for your garden? You start by asking yourself where do I want to plant it? Which is what this article is all...

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  • David Austin Rose 'Septer'd Isle'

    10 Elusive English Roses

    Discover elusive treasures for your English-style cottage garden with our unique selection of hard-to-find David Austin roses! Each of these captivating varieties is now available for presale on our website....

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