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Gardening Inspiration to Cultivate Green Thumbs

  • Focus on Cornelian Cherry

    Focus on Cornelian Cherry

    Let's start with a riddle…Q: When is a cherry not a cherry? A: When it’s an imposter from the dogwood family. True Cherries vs Dogwood Cherries

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  • The Garden of Eternal Optimism

    The Garden of Eternal Optimism

    I thought it was time to pay a visit to our local Pitt Meadows Community Garden and see for myself just how the growing season was coming along. Given the...

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  • 8 High-Contrast Perennial Pairings

    8 High-Contrast Perennial Pairings

    The hot, glaring sun washes out colour, so you have to brighten things up in the plant department in order to get a little more "pop" out of your garden....

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  • Summer Colour for the Shade

    Summer Colour for the Shade

    The problem with shade gardens is that they dazzle the senses every spring with fragrance and flowers but by the time summer rolls around we are left with little but...

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  • Gardening with Wildlife

    Gardening with Wildlife

    I am an unabashed lover of nature and forty-two years of being a professional gardener have given me more than my fair share of wildlife encounters. So, I thought that...

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  • More Bees Please!

    More Bees Please!

    There are a lot of things in life that we can live without but bees aren’t one of them. A world without honey bees (Apis mellifera) and wild pollinators (bumble...

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  • Finding Your Fragrance: A Guide to Scented Plants

    Finding Your Fragrance: A Guide to Scented Plants

    My favourite smell, bar none, is that of freshly brewed coffee in the morning. Add to that a hint of bacon (which I do not eat very often) and you...

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  • 10 Shrubs & Perennials for All-Summer-Long Colour

    10 Shrubs & Perennials for All-Summer-Long Colour

    One of the most common questions I get from customers is do you have anything that blooms all summer long? I’ll admit that it’s a big ask and the selection...

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  • Japanese Azaleas

    Japanese Azaleas

    Japanese Azalea is the common name for evergreen to semievergreen rhododendrons, known generically as Rhododendron japonicum. Most are complex hybrids or species from Japan such as Kyushu azalea (R. kiusianum),...

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  • The Allure of French Lilacs

    The Allure of French Lilacs

    I think the best place to start is with the obvious question: Why are they called French Lilacs? Well, it has nothing to do with their place of origin, which...

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  • A Cut Flower Calendar

    A Cut Flower Calendar

    A lot of gardeners are looking to plant summer flowers, perennials, and shrubs in their landscapes that can double as a cut flower garden. Whether inspired by the proliferation of...

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  • Simply Sempervivum

    Simply Sempervivum

    This humble evergreen perennial goes by several common names including ‘Hens & Chicks’ (alluding to its capacity to produce offsets) and ‘Houseleek’, a reference to these plants being grown on...

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