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Gardening Inspiration to Cultivate Green Thumbs

  • Beat-the-Heat Annuals

    Beat-the-Heat Annuals

    Summer flowers play an important role in our gardens by providing that splash of colour we all crave from spring through summer. But as the forget-me-nots fade and the pansies...

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  • Enigmatic Poppies

    Enigmatic Poppies

    This is not a plant family that lends itself to that clean, formal look, but rather, poppies need to be carefully blended into the mixed border to yield the best...

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  • Rhododendron 101

    Rhododendron 101

    I began my gardening career over 40 years ago working on a local estate with an extensive rhododendron collection. There was an impressive hedge of purple-flowering Rhododendron ponticum lining the...

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  • A Passion for Peonies

    A Passion for Peonies

    Almost everyone knows what a peony looks like, having seen them growing in their grandparent’s garden or adding elegance and enticing fragrance to a cut-flower bouquet. Still, I think very...

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  • Irresistible Iris

    Irresistible Iris

    This plant family includes close to 300 species that are found across the northern hemisphere in such diverse ecosystems as bogs, mountain screes, meadows, and almost desert-like conditions. Add to...

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  • Collecting Carnivorous Plants

    Collecting Carnivorous Plants

    Collecting carnivorous plants is a great hobby for adults and children alike; in fact, it is one of the few classes of flora that garners equal attention from both young...

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  • Awesome Anemones

    Awesome Anemones

    Many members of this plant family are rather ephemeral in nature while others bloom for extended periods of time, but their inherent beauty is never in dispute. They can be...

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  • Deciduous Azaleas

    Deciduous Azaleas

    The only difference between deciduous azaleas and the more popular rhododendron is the number of stamens (5 versus 10) and the fact that the former sheds its leaves in fall....

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  • Growing Your Own Garlic

    Growing Your Own Garlic

    Well autumn is in the air and garlic planting season is upon us. So now is the time to visit the garden centre for your best selection, particularly because this...

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  • A Recipe For Success: Creating A Garden Jellyfish

    A Recipe For Success: Creating A Garden Jellyfish

    After this years series of stressful news and events, I really wanted to bring you guys a fun and whimsical planter idea for your garden or home. A Garden Jellyfish!...

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  • Caring For Your Houseplants: Repotting & Dividing Sansevieria trifasciata aka Snake Plants

    Caring For Your Houseplants: Repotting & Dividing Sansevieria trifasciata aka Snake Plants

    Sansevieria trifasciata aka Snake Plants are an exotic looking houseplant which are perfect for novice indoor gardeners and for those with low light conditions inside their homes. Sansevieria trifasciata come...

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