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Gardening Inspiration to Cultivate Green Thumbs

  • 22 New Plants for ’22

    22 New Plants for ’22

    I really wanted to start the new year on a positive note and nothing puts a gleam in the gardener’s eye better than a glimpse of new plant introductions. So,...

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  • The Perfect Christmas Tree

    The Perfect Christmas Tree

    I have been selling Christmas trees for more than two decades now, and throughout that time I have come to realize just how important they are to our well-being. So,...

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  • Designing a White Christmas

    Designing a White Christmas

    If there is one thing you cannot count on here on the "wet coast," it is a white Christmas. Sure, we can go up the mountains to enjoy the snow...

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  • Your Guide to Christmas Porch Pots

    Your Guide to Christmas Porch Pots

    I created my first porch pots as a landscaper well over thirty years ago. They were made for a German client, Mrs. Hesterberg, who had...

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  • Winter Heather Is Better

    Winter Heather Is Better

    I know it sounds like an advertising slogan from the 1950s but winter heather is better, particularly if you have had issues growing these plants in the past. Calluna vulgaris...

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  • Monsters or Mutants?

    Monsters or Mutants?

    With Halloween fast approaching, I thought I would take you into the fascinating world of plant mutations. Over my many years of experience as an estate gardener, landscaper, and nursery...

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  • Les Fleurs du Québec

    Les Fleurs du Québec

    My wife and I recently returned from a short vacation to Québec where we spent most of our time in the old city. What impressed both of us the most...

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  • Autumn Planter Inspiration

    Autumn Planter Inspiration

    Well, it’s that time of the year: vacations are over, the kids are back in school, and we’re stuck at home staring at those summer planters by the front door...

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  • Our Favourite Houseplants

    Our Favourite Houseplants

    I decided to bring a different perspective to this week’s blog by asking some of the ladies of Amsterdam Garden Centre to share their thoughts on a popular topic these...

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  • K Is for Kalmia

    K Is for Kalmia

    Truth be told, I wanted to write an article about Kalmia or Mountain Laurel this spring, but an unexpected shortage left many garden centres devoid of this wonderful broadleaf evergreen....

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  • 15 Fragrant Roses

    15 Fragrant Roses

    Our ability to perceive scent is one of the most powerful senses we possess, and it is closely tied to memory. By way of example, just a hint of cigar...

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  • Discovering Aquatic Plants

    Discovering Aquatic Plants

    There is something about the concept of plants growing in water that seems to intimidate some gardeners. Truth be told, aquatic plants can be accurately described in just two phrases:...

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