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Dahlia ‘Shiloh Noelle’

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This stunning giant dinnerplate dahlia is a showstopper with its unique and frilly 8- to 10-inch blooms. The flowers are a captivating blend of white with a delicate pink-to-lavender blush, creating a mesmerizing display. 'Shiloh Noelle' is a highly sought-after variety, and now it's here to grace your garden.

Not only does this dahlia boast remarkable beauty, but it also offers a compact plant structure with sturdy stems. This makes 'Shiloh Noelle' an excellent choice for cut flowers and bouquets. Elevate your garden with the elegance of Dahlia 'Shiloh Noelle'! 1 per package.

🏵️ Mid-season flowering

⬆️ Grows 3-3.5 feet tall


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