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Crocus sativus (5/package)

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Unveil the world's most expensive spice in your garden with the Saffron Crocus!

This fall bloomer isn't your average crocus. Unlike others, its elegant mauve flowers, adorned with dark purple veins, stay open to greet you even on cloudy days. And while they grace your garden with their sweet fragrance, their true magic lies in their three-part red-orange stigma.

Culinary treasure: Did you know that Crocus sativus is the source of saffron, the world's most expensive spice?  Just a few delicate threads, carefully harvested by hand, can elevate your dishes to new heights.

Planting is easy:  These premium-grade bulbs thrive in sunny spots with well-draining soil. Plant them amongst creeping thyme in your rock garden, and they'll create a stunning display. Plus, they're hardy to Zone 5, so you can enjoy their autumn magic for years to come.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to grow a piece of culinary history in your own backyard!


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